Skittles DIPS Creamy Yogurt Covered Candy, 2.90 Ounce Share Size Packs - 24 Count Display Box

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Enjoy a creamy yogurt twist on the fruity, chewy candy you love. Every bag of SKITTLES Dips Yogurt Coated Fruit Candy is filled with classic fruity flavors, including strawberry, orange, grape, lemon and green apple surrounded by a creamy yogurt-flavored coating. Bring these tasty bite-size candies to the candy buffet at weddings, birthdays or any celebration.

  • SKITTLES Dips Candy features classic strawberry, orange, grape, lemon and green apple flavors surrounded by a creamy yogurt flavored coating
  • Each pack includes the five original flavors — strawberry, orange, grape, green apple and lemon — covered in a yogurt-flavored coating.
  • Unlike other yogurt-covered products, the coating doesn’t really stick to the candy. There are some great sweet treats out there that have contrasting textures, but there’s a disconnect here in the sense that the coating slides off on its own before you can even crack into the Skittle within.
  • Skittles candy is the perfect fruity addition to desserts. Surprise guests by featuring the bold taste of Skittles dips candy in your favorite baking recipes.