Evaxo Whole Tilapia, Frozen (4 lbs.)

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Description Tilapia is a freshwater, mild-flavored fish that is high in vitamins and minerals. Because tilapia is a white fish with a flavor that most people enjoy, it can be seasoned or dressed in any way. Try it with lemon and garlic, a Parmesan crust, or blackened with a spice rub. Serve it with a side of your favorite veggies and rice, and dinner is ready! To thaw frozen fish, remove it from the package and quick thaw under cold running water or place it in the refrigerator overnight. For microwave thawing, use your oven's defrost setting. Pat fish dry with paper towels before cooking. Policies & plans Specifications Keep frozen, if thawed do not refreeze Size: 350/550g Net weight: 4 lbs. (64 oz.)

  • Approx servings per container: 16