Evaxo Vitamin B12 Gummy, 500 mcg, 3 pk. / 100 Ct

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Spring Valley Vitamin B12 Gummy are a great gummy form medicine to ingest to help with various Vitamin B levels in your body. The gummy form makes it easier to take as you can have it as needed to fulfill the twice daily suggested use. Vitamin B12 helps with keeping the bodyâs nerve and blood cells healthy as well as helps make DNA. Vitamin B12 also helps in preventing a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people weak. This chewable will be useful for taking both on the go or at home along with its screw on top that will prevent gummies from spilling out. Protect your Vitamin B nutritional health with Spring Valley Vitamin B Complex Gummy.

  • Evaxo Vitamin B12 Gummy, 500 mcg,