Evaxo Slime Squeez Wiches

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Evaxo Slime Squeez Wiches Experience the fun of squishing and squeezing fun, slimy snacks together with Slimy Gloop Squeez Wiches. Choose from five colors of ready-made Slimy Gloop and add one of the 13 fun embellishments. Add chunky glitter for a fun confetti sparkle or fold in rainbow sprinkles to make a delicious Slimy Gloop creation. Stack the mixed up Slimy Gloop between two Squeez Wiches, give it a squeeze, and watch as the Slimy Gloop oozes from the middle. Squeeziest are also a fun way to relieve stress and anxiety while keeping your mind active.

  • Includes 5-oz. pre-made SlimyGloop (5 oz.), (2) ice cream sandwich toys, (2) galaxy toast toys, (2) unicorn pizza toys, (2) waffle toys, (2) doughnut toys, (25) acrylic gemstones, 0.05-oz. mini Styrofoam balls, 0.07-oz. polymer clay sprinkles, 0.07-oz. glitter moons, 0.14-oz. holographic tinsel glitter, 0.07-oz. round polymer clay sprinkles, 0.14-oz. confetti shred, 0.07-oz. glitter stars, 0.07-oz. hexagon shaped glitter