Evaxo Sensitive Skin XL Flexible Fabric Bandages, 8 Count .Pack of 3.

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Advanced silicone adhesive designed to go on easy, come off easy, and even be reapplied. Gently protects wound with non-stick pad. Flexible fabric conforms to body to fit and move comfortably. Flexible fabric gently adapts to body contours and seals on 4 sides Sterile* bandages *Sterile unless package is damaged or open From application to removal, Equate Sensitive Skin XL Flexible Fabric Bandages are designed with comfort in mind. Made for sensitive skin, the advanced silicone adhesive holds the bandage securely while it protects your wound, and can be repositioned for optimal coverage. The flexible fabric conforms to wherever you place it on your body and is highly breathable, which promotes faster healing. The nonstick cushioned pad protects the wound from dirt and moisture. This pack contains eight extra-large sterile bandages. For an ideal dressing for minor cuts and injuries on sensitive skin, trust Equate Sensitive Skin XL Flexible Fabric Bandages. Your family's health is one of the most important priorities in your life. Walmart's Equate Brand is now the innovative leader in the health, beauty, and personal care marketplace and is outperforming and exceeding the quality standards of many national brands. The Equate brand has everything you need to keep your whole family feeling their best. Whether it's pain relief medication for unexpected situations or superior, tested products for hair or skin care, Equate has you covered. With our Every Day Low Prices, it's easy to stock your bathroom cabinet with premium-quality essentials, even when you're on a budget! For everything from vitamins and supplements, to first aid and feminine care products, you can confidently rely on the Walmart Equate brand to help you care for your family, every day.

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