Evaxo Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Weighing Bowl

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Evaxo Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Weighing Bowl True chefs know weighing ingredients provides more accurate results than measuring them—especially for baking. Taylor’s Digital Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Weighing Bowl is accurate to the 1%, assuring your recipes come out great every time. This scale can be used to weigh both dry and liquid ingredients. The 8-cup heavy-duty, brushed stainless steel weighing bowl is contoured for easy, mess-free pouring, and doubles as a mixing bowl. You can also use the scale without the bowl by placing dry ingredients directly on the platform, or in a separate container. The weigh-and-add feature allows you to factor in the weight of another container or to weigh multiple ingredients separately using the scale’s “Tare” feature. The brushed surface of the base reduces the appearance of fingerprints, and the bowl conveniently inverts over the scale for compact storage. Bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe. Requires 2 AAA batteries, included. Includes: Digital kitchen scale 8-cup capacity stainless steel weighing bowl 2 AAA batteries Instruction manual Features: Max capacity: 11lb x 0.1oz/5000g x 1g/175floz x 0.1floz/5000ml x 1ml Weighs both dry and liquid ingredients Large-capacity (8 cup) weighing/mixing bowl in heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel Automatic shutoff feature conserves battery life Bowl inverts over scale base for compact storage Weighing platform can be used independently of the weighing bowl, or with any other vessel using the TARE feature to zero out the weight before adding ingredients/food items

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