Evaxo Barista Brava Whole Bean Coffee, French Roast (40 oz.)

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About this item 100% Arabica coffee Whole bean Kosher certified Roasted in small batches with 100% wind power Valve bag allows gases from freshly roasted beans to escape while keeping air out to lock in flavor and aroma. Description Welcome to Barista Brava by Quartermaine, where our products have a point of view! Formed in 1991, we make our home in Rockville, Maryland. Committed to providing our customers with fresh, flavorful, locally roasted coffee, we have long since been established as the favorite specialty coffee roaster in the Washington, DC area. Barista Brava coffees are light to medium roasted to showcase each coffee's flavor, body, and acidity: the three pillars of great tasting coffee. Since each coffee has its own unique character, we roast each one to its finest potential. Green beans are imported to our East Coast roasting facility where they are craft roasted in small batches to highlight each coffee’s features into a delicious drinking experience.

  • Our French Roast is a blend of strictly hard bean coffees that are dense enough to stand up to the intense heat and roasting time that French Roast requires. This coffee is smoky, very smooth, and has low palate acidity.