Elbow Macaroni Pantry Pack (1 lb, 6 ct.) Large, Gourmet Quality

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This Member's Mark Elbow Macaroni Pantry Pack can help you prepare a delicious dinner tonight. With six boxes in this one pack, you should have more than enough to share.

What’s in this Member's Mark Elbow Macaroni Pantry Pack?
This pantry pack features six boxes of elbow macaroni, with each weighing in at 1 lb. for a total of 6 lbs. Use the macaroni to feed your family and friends. An enriched vermicelli product, this macaroni is crafted with genuine durum semolina flour, which gives it sensational texture and flavor.

What Dishes Can I Make With this Member's Mark Elbow Macaroni Pantry Pack?
This elbow macaroni can be combined with a variety of different sauces, spices and seasonings, which makes it extremely versatile. Many enjoy mixing this ground beef, chicken, cheese and tomato sauce, while others use it to give their tacos additional flavor. Mix it with your favorite salads and soups, making them more fulfilling and satisfying. Since this macaroni is gourmet quality, let your imagination run wild and create new, exciting dishes.

Is This Pack Large Enough to Feed Many People?
With 6 lbs. worth of elbow macaroni in one pack, this is ideal for pleasing a crowd. A pantry pack like this can be useful in restaurants, schools, cafeterias and homes.

  • Add more quick and easy dinners to the rotation. This pantry pack lets you stock up on delicious vermicelli pasta made with real durum semolina flour.
  • Large, gourmet quality macaroni pack
  • Includes 6 individually-wrapped packages of elbow macaroni
  • Box is designed to dispense each package
  • Ideal for feeding many people | Kosher