Dubble Bubble one inch gumballs (850 Count)

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When you chew bubble gum, don’t you want it to be big and delicious? We know that we do! After all, bigger is always better, right? But sometimes that kind of gum can be hard to find. So many gums out there just aren’t reaching our expectations. But do you know what gum never disappoints? Dubble Bubble Large Gumballs! The tastiest, bubbliest gum around, Dubble Bubble Large Gumballs are hard to miss! Each of these gumballs is one inch in diameter. Each case weighs approximately fifteen pounds and contains about 850 pieces. Plus, since these balls come in Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Lime, Pineapple, Orange, and Strawberry flavors, there are bound to be a few that become your favorites. We can't think of a reason you wouldn't want to give these gumballs a try! Each gumball measures 24mm in diameter and has only 30 calories per piece!